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We are so close. At the end of December 2022, we were just shy of our $6,600 goal. Will you help us reach it?

There is a problem. While we facilitate in-person events that provide a fun and safe space for gamers to play, build relationships, have fun, and hear about Jesus, most players need to bring all of the gear to the events. It isn't easy for players, especially elementary students like Levi, to pack up a monitor, console, controllers, and all the cords and then lug them to and from each event. They risk damage to their gear, it's hard to transport everything, they need time to set up before the event begins, and for the parents, it's inconvenient. For some players like Owen, they don't even have a system to bring at all. Or players like Emily who arrive with an outdated system and are devastated when they can't play with the rest of their friends.

Recently, we have been blessed with a donation of 20 computers for use at our gaming events! This is super exciting because more players may participate without having to bring all of their gear and players who don't have a system can now attend the events. And what that really means is that more players are able to have an encounter with Jesus.

However, there is a challenge. While these computers are in great shape, they need to be upgraded to be ready for gaming and in addition to that, the donation doesn't include monitors, keyboards, and mice. Without the upgrades, monitors, keyboards, and mice, the computers won't help much.

And here is your opportunity. You can help. You can make a difference. You can have Kingdom impact. With your partnership, you will give access to players who don't have a system to bring. For those who do, you will remove the fear of jeopardizing their gear transporting it all to and from the event. With more players able to attend, you will bring Jesus into a greater number of lives. And that is life changing.

Please help us raise $6,600 to cover the cost of the upgrades and the gear needed for a complete 20 seat gaming center at our events. With events planned through the remainder of 2022 and into 2023, we have little time to spare.

A $250 donation will allow us to upgrade a computer. A $150 donation will provide a monitor. A $70 donation will put a controller in the hands of a player. A $35 donation will add a gaming keyboard. A $20 gift will provide one gaming mouse.

We have Slingshot team members Kevin and Drew who are ready and capable to do the upgrades, we just need you to put the parts in their hands. Are you ready to use computer parts to share about Jesus?

We are also excited to receive donated controllers (either Xbox or PlayStation), gaming monitors, gaming keyboards, and gaming mice that are in good condition. For those who are tech savvy, we're happy to receive used video cards and power supplies. Email us at for more details.

All donations are tax deductible and will benefit participants at all esports events.

To help bring Jesus into the lives of players, please click the button below that is right for you.

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