About Us

The Slingshot Esports Gaming Experience

Slingshot Esports was born out of a significant moment in the lives of a son, Keegan and his father, Brendan. As Brendan sought to better understand his son and the video games that he played, it created a bond between them, transforming their relationship forever.  Together, they saw the immense potential to bring hope and encouragement to the gaming community through both inperson and online events. Knowing that gamers and esports athletes are stereotyped and marginalized, Slingshot Esports emerged as a way to change that. Slingshot was launched in June 2021 by a concept team led by founder Brendan while he was still at Push The Rock, a global physical sports ministry with headquarters in Emmaus, PA.  In early 2023, seeking to increase growth and explore future potential, Brendan and Slingshot Esports transitioned out of Push The Rock.

 Slingshot Esports is a community of gamers and esports athletes who host and sponsor video game events which create fun and meaningful opportunities for the gaming community in a safe, non-toxic environment.

Our in-person events feature in-game skill development, structured team play, and tournament competition while encouraging Christian spiritual development.

Our online events feature casual competition that encourages friendly competition and sportsmanship for players of all levels.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our future events.


Introduce people to Jesus through relationships within the esports community


Provide esports opportunities for digital gamers to learn, play, compete, and interact with followers of Jesus through Christ-centered initiatives.


Be a global esports community facilitating Christ-centered spiritual growth.

Core Values 

Faith : Community : Empathy : Opportunity : Sportsmanship

The Slingshot Difference

Aaron* is young, short high-schooler with little to no athletic ability. He is quiet, keeps to himself, hangs on the outer edge of typical teen group events, and doesn’t participate in group conversations. Those who know him would be super surprised if he would walk over to somebody he doesn’t know and start a conversation. Aaron, with some coaxing, sat down and picked up a controller at one of our esports events and began playing.  Within minutes, he was having fun and helping his teammates win. Very comfortable now, Aaron began to put his video game skills on display for all to see and became one that others wanted to play with. Immediately making a difference in the game, he found his place, a belonging, a space where he shined. His face, body language, and interpersonal interaction changed and he opened up to others in the group for the first time. The next time he saw one of our leaders (who he barely knew) he walked over and began a conversation around video games. Aaron and the leader talked video game speak for a while and in that moment, Aaron was open, talking, and building a relationship with someone he previously would have been too shy to talk with. 

*Name changed