SEFCS Tournament Rules

SEFCS Tournament Rules

Competition format – Tournament

  • Point system based upon placing and eliminations. Point description is below.

  • Players will play Battle Royale only

  • Players will compete in three rounds, Round 1 has 45 minutes, Round 2 had 50 minutes, and Round 3 has 50 minutes.

  • Players play up to 3 matches per round

  • If players are in a match when the time ends, players will be given time to finish the match.

  • Players will receive time warnings at 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute

  • At the 5 minute warning, players may not start a new match. If they do, they will not accumulate points towards their score.

  • For the last match of the last round

  • At the 10 minute warning, players may not start a new match

  • Players are required and responsible to submit a completed score card to the scorekeeper for each of their qualifying matches

  • Players are responsible to be ready to begin playing when the timing starts

  • Slingshot will designate an official timer

  • Players play online with random matching

  • Players may select build or no build.

  • Players are not to use vending machines or tents.

  • If at any time a player experiences toxicity, they are to notify a leader immediately

  • Prize values are contingent on sufficient player registrations. Slingshot Esports reserves the right to adjust prize values based upon player registration

  • Players must play in a minimum of two tournaments to be considered for a Grand Champ placing

  • The player who wins Grand Champ first place has a one season cool down