Mobile Arena

Slingshot Esports desires to enter a space where young people are often misunderstood and surrounded by negative stereotypes. By raising funds to purchase needed esports equipment to build our very first Esports Mobile Arena, Slingshot Esports is able to create opportunities that allow gamers and esports athletes to have a safe place to learn, play, compete, and grow in a healthy Christ-centered environment. Our mobile arena will enable us to provide a quality experience for esports athletes who attend our in-person events and don’t have the necessary gear but need to be in a place that gives them a community which encourages them, supports them, and introduces them to concepts that further them in both gaming and life.

We are also excited to receive donated consoles and systems that are in good condition, such as PS4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch and newer. All donations are tax deductible and will benefit participants at all esports events.

To invest in our mobile area, please click the button that is right for you.